• I really love this place! My human brings me here all the time. I get to play with all my friends and sleep in a really clean bed. I would give them four paws up. I hope to see you there!

    Bailey (the wild child) Bilka

  • We have been bringing our German Shorthair, Booker, to Spanish Springs Kennel for a few years now. Booker is a very active smart dog and needs someone to care for him that understands the breed. Anytime we drop him off he jumps at the door to the kennels excited to be there. When we pick him up he's happy and acts as if we never left him. Now, that the new owners are taking over, I found out that they will take our other GSP, Brodie, who is blind and diabetic. Being concerned that with diabetes and the necessity of minimizing stress, I called and asked if I could bring Brodie by to introduce him to the facility and surroundings. They were more than happy to oblige. I walked Brodie around outside and let him sniff and mark his spots. The staff was very patient with me and let me spend as much time as I needed to let Brodie become familiar with the kennel. They were very loving and caring when speaking to Brodie as they are to Booker so I know he will be in excellent hands. I've had a real bad experience with the mishandling of Brodie at a kennel in town and was being the protective "parent". The folks at Spanish Springs Kennel put my concerns to rest and more importantly the dogs will be together now when we need to go out of town.

    Also, they are doing a makeover of the facility. New paint, furniture, landscaping etc are making it an even more welcoming place for our dogs and us humans:) as well as they are now taking credit cards and have a website. They are bringing Spanish Springs Kennel up to date and I have a feeling we'll have to make our reservations much more in advance. Business for them will be booming!

    I want to thank you all for the time, patience and love in caring for our dogs especially Brodie. He does have special needs and I appreciate you for taking him on.

    Mary and Paul Johnson

  • We have been customers of Spanish Springs Kennels for many years. We have always been pleased with the service we have received and our dogs are always happy to go there. The accomodations are always clean and odor free. The staff is very experienced and treats the dogs like their own. Looking forward to continued great service.

    Sandi & Joe , Karma & Luna

  • Spanish Springs Kennel has been the "home away from home" for our miniature Schnauzer, Jacob, since he became the newest member of our family as a very small puppy. Jacob is now five years old.

    When we go places that are not compatible with the K9 part of our famliy we always have our pals at the kennel care for him. All we need to do is ask him if he wants to to the kennel and he runs for the door excited to go visit all his buddies and the kennel staff.

    The kennel is always clean and I highly recommend it as a loving and safe "home away from home" for that special member of your family.

    Beverly Rayburn